Jealousy and Polyamory

Polyamory and the onset of Jealousy


Just like no one is immune to anger and love, no one is immune to jealous too. Jealous has many definitions as per the situation. In general, it can be taken to mean the envious of oneself possession or that of another person. It is this jealousy that makes people closely guard their possessions. Polyamory, on the other hand, is the desire to be in several intimate relationships and with the consent of all the parties involved. Therefore, there arises a conflict of interest between the two ideas. People are known to be jealous of their relationships being poked by others yet they still want to practice polyamory. This leads to an issue termed as polyamory and jealousy.

How the two arises

A Polyamorous relationship involves a person having different intimate partners. It is this intimacy that makes any relationship to last. However, being intimate with many people may make the parties in the relationships jealous. It is a man’s nature to protect his territory. This can further be justified by animals too as they also preserve what they have. People in these relationships claim to be free from jealousy which may be termed as vague.

Modern understanding of jealousy

It has come be known that, it is not the case of seeing your partner with other mates that make you jealous, but after effects. These include the feeling of being vulnerable in a relationship. Everyone needs to feel secured. Jealousy, on the other hand, makes somebody feel mistreated, vulnerable and thus insecure. It becomes even worse when an individual never talks about it but lets it pile up in the heart. Such an act may lead to a person acting weirdly out of hunger. It may even result to violence in a relationship. Since it is them who desire to live that way, the best solution for them would be to cope with it which would, therefore, lead to acceptance.


It is certain that jealousy is the main problem in polyamorous. People should be educated on how to cope with it or else shun from practicing polyamorous relationships.