Amazing Tips on Writing a Romance Novel


writing-romance-1A romance novel has powerful words. It can blow away your mind, show a great level of creativity, and leave behind characters that go beyond life. It will leave the story still fresh in the minds of the reader. A good reader is able to see the whole story with inner eyes as descriptions are made throughout the novel.

The following tips will help write an amazing romance novel:

The settings should be developed

There should be enough space to ensure that the characters make their romance relevant. This means that if a woman falls in love with a messenger, they should meet may be behind the delivery offices. These lovers may also find a decent place to engage in romance after several meetings are done.

Characters should be developed

A writer should ensure that he or she is dealing with real lives and practical situations that would show a great depth of romance. Romance should be expressed in a way that it appears real to almost every reader.

You can also make sure that you meet real people in the story

If a person receives an action that is worth a reward, then it should be rewarded. On the other hand, if a person has got a bad experience with another person, there should be a sign of anger and despair.

Make sure you capture the reader’s attention

You can make the reader almost to reach orgasm but don’t give it in full. Make them feel pleasure and excitement during the whole story. Keep their fire and feelings burning and wanting to hear more from the you.

Make the conflict appear like drama.  Historical romance is a popular genre and has been for decades.  Donna Hatch is an amazing historical romance author.  Her style should be studied and emulated.

You can give conflict some features to bite the romance. Ensure things just don’t flow. At least they should work for it a bit. Normally, it is not easy to find someone you will love for life. Therefore, a reader should not be given a ride till the end of the romance. It should show some struggles before things get where they end up.

Strategy should be built

Assume one character likes criticizing faults that the other does not like to hear about. This will result to a real situation which might end up being comfortable.

Allow your character to flow

When these characters are not following this protocol, ensure you find a way that may not be a real one to make it work. When basis is created, your story will always work out.

Ensure all trails are trod

Every part that pertains to the story should be told and none should be left to readers to conclude on their own. This will make the reader to get the correct flow of romance.

Make sure your story ends with flares

You have to make sure that after your romance novel is read; it will remain in the mind and heart of the reader. You have to end your romance in a way that will leave your reader well entertained and mouth gasped. It should leave them with a “what!”

Lastly, edit your work. This will help you discover errors that will bring a different meaning to your story. An edited work is well understood by reader.