Treating Stress Symptoms

Treating stress symptoms

stress-2Stress poses a lot of danger such as, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems, eating disorders and weakens body immunity. It is the major cause of sadness, uncontrolled weeping, temper issues, irritability and depression. It can leads to misunderstanding and dents social cohesion leading to withdrawal. However, stress can be managed or treated and here are general guidelines:

1. Have a diet watch

Eating a balanced diet is important to body function and dealing with some stress causes. It is advisable to eat vegetables, fruits and drink a lot of water. Having a diet watch is important as stress may lead to eating disorder which is a common symptom. Planning what to eat and being selective will reduce stomach problems.

2. Create boundaries

Most people are pressured since they do not set boundaries on what they can or cannot do. In addition, accepting changes within every stage of life is equally helpful in stress reduction. Most importantly, confrontation helps one conquer and all issues should be addressed with love and respect. For instance, an individual should learn to say no, express negative feelings or hurt and function within zones of personal responsibility.

3. Physical activity

Involving physical exercise daily for about 30 minutes is helpful. Exercising does not have to be rigorous; it can involve walking or dancing and playing. This kind of involvement deals with isolation which is a breeding for pity parties and negative thoughts. However, one can spend time alone in a healthy way and deal with an issue effectively.

4. Avoid substance abuse

Quit drinking and give up smoking or self medication without prescription. Substance abuse interferes with ability to cope with stress in a positive way. In addition, misuse of substances could shoot up stress levels especially where there is an addiction.

5. Learn stress management tricks

Depending on personal belief, one can take yoga for meditation and for enhancing self awareness. There are other techniques such as doing a journal, talking to air space or an imaginary friend. In addition, finding activities that provoke excitement such as watching a favorite game, comedy or playing a favorite sport. Excitement releases endorphins chemicals that deal with pain related issues.

If symptoms persist, it is advisable to seek medical attention. Visiting a psychologist or a physician is helpful as they can easily identify causes and offer immediate ways of solving the same. Seeking the advice of a good marriage counselor can be helpful if your stresses interfere with your relationships.  Some people minimize the benefits of counseling, yet if one is being handled by a professional, confidentiality is highly regarded and counselors act to the best interest of their patients.

Lastly, one can seek support from close family and friends as most addictions or breakdowns are stress related. An everyday conversation is helpful even with strangers that are harmless. Most importantly, guarding the thoughts process will certainly influence the psychological position of any individual.

Tips & warnings

  • Find a reputable marriage counseling specialist if considering therapy or marriage therapyas an option.
  • Learn stressors cause cycle, what time stress hits and what triggers it.
  • Listen to yourself and changes others may be pointing at, they could be signs of stress.

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